Dr Mpati A. Ramatsoku

Dr Mpati A. Ramatsoku
Research Fellow
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My main interest is atomic hydrogen (HI) in and around galaxies since it is the main ingredient for forming stars and is a sensitive tracer of different environmental processes. I use HI observations to understand the formation and evolution of galaxies, specifically to address the question of how and why star-forming spiral galaxies get transformed into passively evolving early-type galaxies, and how much of these processes are affected by the environment in which galaxies reside. On larger scales, I am interested in the application of multi-wavelength observations to study the dynamics of large-scale structures in the local Universe and the architecture of galaxy clusters.

Fields of interest
  • Galaxy Evolution: Nature and Nurture
  • Gas Stripping in Cluster Galaxies: Observations
  • "Jellyfish" Galaxies: Extreme Cases of Ram-Pressure Stripping of Cold Gas in Galaxies by the Intra-Cluster Medium (ICM)
  • Radio Galaxies: Emitting Large Amounts of Radio Energy
  • Large-Scale Structures and Cosmology
  • Galaxy Filaments, Clusters, and Groups
  • Substructures Within Clusters
  • Cosmic Flow Fields

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