Dr Lerato M. L. Sebokolodi

Dr Lerato M. L. Sebokolodi

Dr Makhuduga Lerato Lydia Sebokolodi graduated with a PhD from Rhodes University in South Africa. She spent most of her graduate study period as part of an exchange programme at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in the United States while working part-time for the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory in South Africa as a junior science processing developer. Her thesis is titled: ’A Wideband Spectropolarimetry Study of the Spatially Resolved Radio Galaxies: Cygnus A and Hydra A’. Her work focused on using polarized emission from radio sources to study magnetic fields associated with the intracluster medium and developing software tools for analyzing astronomical data. Lerato’s research interest is to understand the origin, structure, strength, and influence of magnetic fields in the Universe. Her other personal interests include software development, machine learning, teaching, outreach and mentoring.

Fields of interest
  • Imaging and Calibration
  • Polarimetry
  • Radio Galaxy Formation and Evolution
  • And Galaxy Cluster Magnetic Fields.

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