Software is where the rubber hits the road – all of RATT’s research into techniques would not be practically useful if we didn’t also deal in the software technologies to implement it, and HPC techniques to implement it efficiently. Developments in this area include:

  • Gijs Molenaar’s KERN suite (now also developed by Athanaseus Ramaila) provides easy-to-install PyPI and .deb packages for the radio astronomy community.

  • The Stimela framework developed by Sphesihle Makhathini provides the ability to connect diverse software packages into a reproducible, run-anywhere, containerized pipeline. A second-generation Stimela is getting ready for prime-time.

  • Codex Africanus, started by Simon Perkins at SARAO, and developed with major RATT contributions, is a set of building blocks for radio astronomy software.

  • dask-ms, another Simon Perkins product, provides support for measurement set I/O using Dask, and forms the foundation of several other RATT software packages.

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