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Veni, vidi, vici.

Doctoral Theses

Design patterns and software techiques for large-scale, open and reproducible data reduction

Molenaar, Gijs Jan

Addressing flux suppression, radio frequency interference, and selection of optimal solution intervals during radio interferometric calibration

Sob, Ulrich Armel Mbou

Modelling and investigating primary beam effects of reflector antenna arrays

Iheanetu, Kelachukwu

Statistical Analysis of the Radio-Interferometric Measurement Equation, a derived adaptive weighting scheme, and applications to LOFAR-VLBI observation of the Extended Groth Strip

Bonnassieux, Etienne

CubiCal: a fast radio interferometric calibration suite exploiting complex optimisation

Kenyon, Jonathan

Observing cosmic reionization with PAPER: polarized foreground simulations and all sky images

Nunhokee, Chuneeta Devi

Advanced radio interferometric simulation and data reduction techniques

Makhathini, Sphesihle

Data compression, field of interest shaping and fast algorithms for direction-dependent deconvolution in radio interferometry

Atemkeng, Marcellin T

Masters Theses

Observations of cosmic re-ionisation with the Hydrogen Epoch of Reionization Array: simulations of closure phase spectra

Charles, Ntsikelelo

Parametrised gains for direction-dependent calibration

Russeeawon, Cyndie

Accelerated implementations of the RIME for DDE calibration and source modelling

Van Staden, Joshua

Finite precision arithmetic in Polyphase Filterbank implementations

Myburgh, Talon

A Bayesian approach to tilted-ring modelling of galaxies

Maina, Eric Kamau

Observations of diffuse radio emission in the Abell 773 galaxy cluster

Sichone, Gift L

The dispersion measure in broadband data from radio pulsars

Rammala, Isabella

A pilot wide-field VLBI survey of the GOODS-North field

Akoto-Danso, Alexander

Foreground simulations for observations of the global 21-cm signal

Klutse, Diana

A 150 MHz all sky survey with the Precision Array to Probe the Epoch of Reionization

Chege, James Kariuki

Machine learning methods for calibrating radio interferometric data

Zitha, Simphiwe Nhlanhla

TiRiFiG, a graphical 3D kinematic modelling tool

Twum, Samuel Nyarko

Observations of diffuse radio emission in the Perseus Galaxy Cluster

Mungwariri, Clemence

Calibration and imaging with variable radio sources

Mbou Sob, Ulrich Armel

Automation of source-artefact classification

Sebokolodi, Makhuduga Lerato Lydia

MEQSILHOUETTE: a mm-VLBI observation and signal corruption simulator

Blecher, Tariq

PyMORESANE: A Pythonic and CUDA-accelerated implementation of the MORESANE deconvolution algorithm

Kenyon, Jonathan

Link between ghost artefacts, source suppression and incomplete calibration sky models

Nunhokee, Chuneeta Devi

Calibration and wide field imaging with PAPER: a catalogue of compact sources

Philip, Liju

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