What is GalFid about?

GalFid is a series of seminars pertaining mainly to topics of galaxy evolution, through a mixture of contributions from Galactic Fidelity (GalFid) members and invited speakers from around the world. Our target audience are members of African institutions, but we also have (and are open to additional) attendees beyond the continent.

Our webinars are usually at 15:00 SAST on Wednesdays, although this is adjusted to take into account the timezone of our speakers. To access recordings of past talks, online textbooks, and the calendar – and to receive GalFid notifications – please register here.

Martin Hardcastle is an astrophysicist specializing in radio astronomy, high-energy astrophysics and the physics of active galactic nuclei. He has published more than 300 papers in refereed journals. A former Royal Society Research Fellow, he worked for Cambridge, Bristol and the Open University before moving to UH. He was formerly Director of the Centre for Astrophysics Research and is now Head of Department of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics.

Courtesy of the GalFid Organising Committee – Email: galfid-semcos@googlegroups.com

Samuel Twum (SARAO/Rhodes), Dr. Konstantinos A. Kolokythas (North-West University), Prof. Gyula Józsa (SARAO/Rhodes), Dr. Kshitij Thorat (University of Pretoria/IDIA), Eric Kamau (Rhodes) and Shilpa Ranchod (University of the Witwatersrand​)

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